What are the things worth buying from Dubai, UAE?

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A trip to Dubai, UAE, is not at all complete without shopping. Dubai is not only a tourist hub but it is even considered as a shopper’s paradise. Extravagant shopping malls and posh souks take you into the world luxury. However, the trip to Dubai is not only limited to this because there are street stalls as well that radiate an old-world charm. Irrespective of the place you shop from in Dubai, it is assured that you will experience complete ecstasy in your life.

There are many things which you should not miss to purchase while you visit Dubai. The fact is that you can also purchase a car from Dubai but make sure you properly compare car insurance Dubai based plans. When you compare car insurance plans online you can make smart choices before buying your chosen car. You can find a vast collection of products to take home, ranging from edible goodies to electronics, from artifacts to conventional perfumes and many more. Discover what the best buys and where to shop for them in Dubai. So, what are some of the finest things to buy from Dubai, UAE? Let’s have a look at below sections to make your Dubai trip worth a lot:

Carpets and rugs-

Dubai malls and Souks are usually regarded as an excellent place to shop for the original Persian, Iranian as well as Cashmere handmade carpets and rugs. Here, you can easily find beautiful pieces, obtainable in varied colors and sizes. If your budget to spend on carpets and rugs is low, you can buy a small size rug. The reason behind this is it is quite affordable and convenient to transport back home.

It is important to implement your bargaining skills to the test while shopping for rugs and carpets while visiting Dubai. In Dubai, almost all shopping malls consist of stores which sell these wonderfully crafted beauties. The finest places to purchase a good carpet would be the National Iranian Carpets, Pride of Kashmir, Al-Jaber Gallery and Lata’s.


In Dubai, the common sight is the gold glittering in shop windows. Here, gold is found to be cheaper as compared to anywhere else in the entire world because it is duty-free. It is known that gold in Dubai is certified for purity, therefore you can simply put aside any worries you may give regarding getting cheated.

While going for a trip to Dubai, you can shop for gold at the Dubai Gold Souk, located in Deira. This is known to be one of the largest gold markets in the Emirates, and perhaps the largest in the entire world. In the city, Gold Souks are considered as the best place to bargain.

Spices, herbs and dry fruit

The Spice Souk located near Deira is a wonderful sight to behold. Here, you will be welcomed with a range of spices, powdered and whole. Also, different hues arise from a carefully piled heap of aromatic herbs and hot aroma of spices. You will find that Arabian spices, as well as herbs, are perfumed and flavourful. The best part is that they are capable to spice up your kitchen as well as the dishes you cook.

Electronic goods-

Dubai is recognized as a duty-free port and it allows all the electronic items to be available cheaper than any part of the world. While you head on to Dubai trip, you can purchase gadgets and electronic goods from the latest and the best brands at different electronic stores. Whether it is cameras, smartphones, luxury gadgets, home appliances, laptops, tablets, and personal grooming products, you can get them all. There are options to purchase electronic products online in Dubai. The fact is there are lots of reliable online stores for purchase of electronic goods here. From there, you can conveniently browse through their stocks, prior to making the order. You can even have car purchased with all electronics facilities inside after you Compare Car Insurance Dubai.

Lavish Handbags-

In addition to different souks, Meena Bazaar, recognized as a famous shopping destination in Bur Dubai, claims many enterprising salespersons approaching to sell you. It often becomes impossible to differentiate between the original and the most authentic looking fake handbags offered at actual prices. Similar to designer clothing, when you head on to Dubai, you can choose some of the finest brands of designer handbags inside its high-end malls. It is more interesting and amusing to purchase these lavish handbags on Dubai’s street. This is because you can avail them after bargaining the prices.

Oriental Perfumes-

Towards the east of the Gold Souk, you find the famous shop i.e., Perfume Souk. It basically owns a beautiful collection of perfumes, each offering a wide range of Arabic Ittars along with western perfume brands. You will be enchanted by thousands of spicy and sweet fragrances inviting you to this souk. It is true that most of the perfume products available here can be bought from the shopping malls. However, the key reason visitors bear in mind while heading to this open-air market is they gain access to wide opportunities of bargaining here.

Designer Clothes and Shoes-

It is hard to ignore and walk past the appealingly dressed store windows capable to attract people with their wares. These stores own bright lights and the spectacular displays which are capable to entice you. However, you should not give in to the temptation, until and unless you know the finest things to purchase in Dubai and the place to purchase them from.  Presently, Dubai’s shopping malls are entirely occupied with lots of high-end boutiques as well as outlets of few of the globe’s most famous brands of footwear and clothing. Irrespective of the type of occasion, it is assured that you will certainly get the suitable designer things you want.  The task of designer clothes and shoe purchase is easy because you can even purchase a car from here after you Compare Car Insurance Dubai.

It is of no doubt that Dubai is a wonderfully exciting place to visit when the matter comes to shopping. It is important to keep in mind that you must be careful of many tourist traps, particularly on the streets while you head on for shopping. It is safer to shop in the malls but to experience the unique flair of the fundamental flavors of the city, shop from the open-air marketplaces as well.