Trouble Growing Your Business Lately? Here Are 3 SEO Tips to Help

by auto-ping 77,919 views

Business growth can be a real pain in the neck. When things are going well, you feel on top of the world. When they’re not, it can be a very depressing time.

If your business operates online in any way, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is going to be an important part of your marketing strategy. And it’s going to be imperative for your business’ growth.

In its simplest definition, SEO is the process of organically acquiring visitors to your website from online search engines, such as Google. If done well, SEO can provide plenty of traffic and growth to your business for many years to come.

Below I’ve provided 3 tips to get your business’ website optimized and ready to grow.

1. Benchmark Your Competition

What’s the number one way to begin your SEO journey? Find out where you stand with your competitors.

An online SEO analysis tool will immediately tell you what keywords your website currently ranks for and how high in the results you appear. What’s even better is that you’ll be able to do the same thing for your competition. You can spy on what keywords they’re targeting, and then assess which ones you want to compete for.

If you’re competing against some highly-knowledgeable SEO gurus, you might want to consider targeting some different keywords. They might already have the primary ones on lock. This means searching for longer-tail keywords that your competition probably overlooked.

You might not be able to rank for the few, most popular keywords, but you will have plenty of long-tail keywords to accommodate for it.

2. Write for Search Engines AND Your Audience

Many business owners make the mistake of only writing to please the search engine overlords. This used to be all fine and dandy, but nowadays, it’s an entirely different world.

Search engines like Google are getting better at weeding out crap content and promoting the stuff that is actually useful for its readers.

If you’re focusing only on writing for SEO purposes, you’re ironically not executing the best strategy. The most beneficial way to approach SEO today is to write incredibly useful content, while intertwining the targeted keywords.

Your writing should focus on user experience first, and keywords second. Great content leads to more shares and more visibility, which usually outweighs even the best SEO strategy.

3. Dominate the Social Media Game

No one would argue the power of social media when it comes to growing an online business, but many people forget the link that exists between social media and SEO.

Even the best articles with perfect SEO will fall short if they don’t gain enough exposure. That’s where social media comes in.

Social media acts as a massive, content-sharing machine that can catapult your content to the tops of search engine rankings. When you create your content, you should make sure it’s easily sharable by your readers. Once Google starts noticing the bump in views, your content will steadily climb up the standings.


Growing a business is no simple task. It takes plenty of time, consistency, and creative thinking. On top of that, an online business needs a sound SEO strategy to grow into something great.

Follow the tips above and your business will be well on its way to its best year yet.