How to Have the Perfect First Date

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Is there anything more nerve racking than trying to prepare for a first date. If it is someone you really have an interrest in, you want it to go perfect with every detail playing out as it has in your mind. The reality is though that nothing works out perfectly, but that does not mean that you and your date cannot have a great time. The key is to relax, don’t be so hard on each other and use the following tips for a great date.

Get some cash

Make sure you have enough cash to pay for whatever you plan and some extra in case youtwo get the urge to do something not in the plan. Even if you are the one benig asked out, you should still have money to pay for some or all of the date. These days men and women sometimes pay and often will split the bills so that neither feels too obligated to the other. Are you low on cash? You can reach out to direct payday lenders who can get you cash quick for your date. If you have a decent job, you can handle the whole process online and the money will be deposited into your bank account today. Get it taken care of and focus on the other key areas of your date.

Where to go

This is the million dollar question. Do you go someplace where it is loud and crowded or do you try someplace quiet where you two are the centre of attention? In most cases you should aim for someplace that has a bit of both. Consider a not too serious restaurant bar with lots of people but that also allows you to have a few quiet moments if needed. If you live in a small town these types of places should be everywhere, for big cities look for a more local chic kind of place. If you are both the athletic type, you can aim for some sports activity like bowling but make sure that your date is open to this. You do not want the person dressed to the nines and then you end up at a bowling alley. Wherever you choose, keep it a bit casual and plan on going to more than one place. Perhaps dinner somewhere and then desert somewhere else.

How to Dress

Dressing right on your first date is really important. Whether you dress leaning toward more formal or casual the key is to be neat and clean looking. No clothes with stains on them and yes ironing is a good choice. Make sure that you feel comfortable in the outfit you choose and do not wear anything that requires constant fidgeting with, because ti is distracting. You date will notice the little things as well. So put on a nice bracelet or watch if you have it.

Take Turns Talking

When you are alone you will have to interact and this will mean talking together.  Use this chance to give your date some information about you and for you to learn important things about your date as well. Make sure however you do not go on too long about anything because this makes for boring conversation. If you date insists you talk, be polite and le the person know you want to be fair. Also, when there is a lull in the conversation be sure to take this chance to compliment your date on their hair, clothes smile or anything that you notice as looking good. It will go a long way and make you both relax.

Finally, don’t have your expectations too high. Getting to a relationship takes time. Expect that if all goes well to have another date where you can learn even more about the person. But be aware sometimes we think things went great and the other person is really interested only to find out this is not the case. Remember there are a lot of fish in the sea.