The Five Biggest Myths About Running a Web-Based Business

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When you take the leap and start your own web-based business, it’s not uncommon for people around you get a bit jealous.

After all, conventional wisdom tells us that most people are less than thrilled with at their current gigs. From high stress and low pay to endless commutes and squabbles with co-workers, sometimes it’s hard to find reasons not to blaze your own path.

That being said, there are plenty of naysayers out there and subsequent myths that keep potential entrepreneurs from following their dreams online.

Fortunately for you, those myths are exactly that: myths.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own web-based business, you’re in luck. There’s perhaps no better time than now to get into the game. Take the time to understand the five biggest myths about running a web-based business and how they can easily be debunked.

“Getting started takes forever.”

Doubters like to throw this line around a lot, but it’s just not true.

For example, you can get started as a day trader or Internet marketer with little more than a working laptop and a decent Internet connection. While relying on bare bones equipment and solely free platforms to start your business isn’t ideal, the notion that you need some sort of massive reputation or budget to get started is false.

In most cases, the true essentials to getting started require a relatively small financial investment. For many entrepreneurs, this means investing in legal protection for your business and paying for web-hosting for your site. You can start purchasing software and other equipment once the dough starts rolling in, but there’s nothing wrong with starting small.

“It’s all a scam!”

Some people just plain have difficulty wrapping their heads around the concept of remote work. Despite this, the numbers don’t lie: telecommuting has been on the rise for the past few years as  more and more people work from home. Meanwhile, platforms such as PayPal and other payment processors which put money in escrow have become the norm to avoid potential scams. In many cases, making sure you get paid comes down to working with people that you trust and being on the lookout for anything fishy.

“Nobody will hire you.”

Again, the public in general is more comfortable with the idea of remote work than ever before. In fact, many companies prefer to hire remotely and work with solopreneurs because it’s cheaper than having to hire designated employees.

“You can make some money, but not a liveable wage.”

Not true. Part of the beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you determine your own hours and earning potential. You can earn more or less than a typical nine-to-five depending on your clientele and how many hours you’re ultimately willing to put in.

“There’s no job security.”

The key to finding job security as a web-based business owner is diversification. For example, day traders consistently keep an eye out for new opportunities and don’t put all of their eggs in the same basket. Likewise, business writers rely on a variety of clients and perhaps create their own products as means of uncovering multiple revenue streams.

In short, you create your own job security.

Despite the misconceptions and myths surrounding web-based businesses, there’s plenty of opportunity out there for those willing to put in the work. Ask yourself: what’s holding you back from getting started today?