The 10 Best Apps for planning your HoneyMoon

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Planning your wedding–that was stressful enough already. From figuring out diplomatic seating arrangements to picking out the perfect bridal dress for yourself and the perfect custom bridesmaid dress for your best friend, it can be a truly exhausting experience. Which is why, when it comes to your honeymoon–a time for relaxation and rest–you don’t want to experience the same level of stress.

Fortunately, there are apps out there that make planning your honeymoon way easier, which will save you time, money, and all the headaches of planning. Whether you’re looking for Dubai deals or a spa an hour’s drive away, these apps have you got you covered:


1 Honeyfund 

Even though this isn’t technically a honeymoon app, the fundraising registry app Honeyfund makes it possible for many couples to make their dreams come true. How? Instead of giving you gifts, your guests will make a donation–and, in this case, you can use it to fund your honeymoon. Which means way less stress when it comes to paying for anything from travel to accommodations to activities with your new hubby.


2 Hopper

Any longtime, savvy traveler will tell you: if you’re thinking of flying anywhere, download the Hopper app to your phone. This app will keep track of the flight you want and notifies you anytime that the fare drops. This can help you save up to 40 percent on your next trip–which means big savings on that big Honeymoon getaway!


3 TripIt 

Once you’ve figured how to fund your trip, and where you’re going, then TripIt is an app that will take out all the stress from the planning side of your honeymoon travel. You’ll be able to keep track of your entire itinerary, and you can even access it offline, which means being able to plan while on the plane and once you’ve landed in a country where you don’t have 3G.


4 Pocket Guide

If you’re a history buff or love architecture, or you just want to get a general idea and understanding of where you’re visiting, then you’ll want to make sure you download PocketGuide. This app is exactly what it sounds like: a guide in your pocket, created by the best local tour guides, and there are no roaming fees, either. It’s the perfect way to get your own private, intimate tour without having to pay the jacked-up fee.


5 Sidekix

Additionally, if you plan on exploring a big city during your honeymoon, you should also ensure you use the Sidekix app. It’s an innovative app that comes up with creative journeys for how you get from point A to point B while personalizing your adventure. So if you’re the kind of person who, at home, spends a lot of time exploring online stores selling foreign designer bags, then on your trip to Milan, you can go on a walk to dinner that ensures you walk by all the best designer bag stores.



6 Airbnb

Another perfect way to make your honeymoon stress-free is by staying at an Airbnb. Why? Because getting the local experience, and having an intimate farmhouse in Cornwall or a sleek apartment in Paris, is one of the most romantic ways you can experience your honeymoon. It’ll make the experience much more special than staying at a hotel with a ton of other honeymooners.


7 Postagram


What honeymoon isn’t complete without sharing it with your friends and family? Sure, you can always make a Facebook album or share your adventures on Instagram, but if you really want to make it special, you should consider using Postagram, which takes your pictures and turns them into postcards you can write personalized messages on and automatically mail to your friends.


8 Viator

One of National Geographic’s “favorite on the road apps,” you’ll want to make sure you use Viator on your honeymoon, too. This app, which has information for over 2,500 destinations worldwide, keeps track of the top tours, tickets, activities, and attractions wherever you’re staying–and makes it easy for you to book them, offering exclusive deals and discounts.


9 Google Maps

In addition to being useful back home, the Google Maps app is global, which means that you can use it on your honeymoon no matter where you go. In addition to being able to add favorites that pop up on your map, you’ll also be able to continue using the app even when you don’t have 3G, as long as you start the directions when you have 3G or a wifi connection.


10 Packtor

Finally, one of the best ways to avoid stress while honeymoon planning is to make sure that you’ve made all the right packing lists. Especially if you’re a first-time long-haul planner, you might not be sure about what you need to bring–and you don’t want to have to pay for it later. So make sure you download Packtor, which you can use to create custom packing lists–and have access to them when you need to.


Where are you planning on going for your honeymoon? Which of these apps do you think will be the most helpful to you?